Artist Statement

My work is contemporary, expressionist, and a bit surreal. I explore all manner of subjects, yet some themes I keep coming back to combine social, spiritual, natural, or structural contrasts into a single narrative. I am inspired by antiquities and the ancient world being experienced by modern sensibilities. Exploring the connections humans have that transcend time provide endless possibilities for my work.
Self-made stamps and stencils are employed to create marks unique to my own hand. Original collage papers are created using mono printing and other techniques which are integrated into the paintings. This adds interest through nuanced line, pattern, and texture that is apparent upon closer inspection .
Ultimately the art is more about the viewer’s personal interpretation than my own vision. My hope is that it resonates with you so that it becomes part of your own story.

Latest Work




About This Series

I started this series with a sketchbook collage of what was to become "Synergy".  I loved the overall vibe and decided to expand on it.  I kept thinking about human integration with nature on many levels. Upon closer inspection you will see patterns within elements of the figures and flowers, which adds interest and a feeling of mystery to these artworks.
Click on each image for more details, close ups, and In Situ examples for scale.