Artist Statement

My work is contemporary, expressionist, layered, textured, and a bit mysterious. The look of the artist’s hand is apparent with the use of self-made stamps, stencils, and collage elements.  These techniques are melded and integrated into a whole, giving the work a unified appearance.
Being a process painter,  I find the work can take on a life of its own as I respond to each element along way in creating unique works. This is what excites me most as an artist
I explore all manner of subjects and love to create with lots of color. Some themes I keep coming back to are our relationships between each other and the universe as a whole, nature's push-back on human influences, and the interconnectedness in all of it.
Ultimately the work is more about the viewer’s personal interpretation than my own vision. My hope is that it resonates with others so that it becomes part of their own story. 

Latest Work

This paradoxical series augers a sense of foreboding and hope at once. There is a communication between the ether and the nether, a tug of war between nature and industry. There is a sense that at any moment earth will prevail.
Each piece is layered with embedded collage, acrylic paints, pastes and gels, and inks. This gives them texture and depth that adds to the overall narrative .
'As above, so below ~ As within, so without'
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M. Evans Chattanooga, TN

"I love the direction Melissa is going with her work. She is one of the most talented emerging artists I have seen in years."

Rene' Veazey Bay St. Louis, MS

"This piece - the beach is my happy place. The colors are vibrant. The waves and sand spoke to my heart. Waiting for me....perfect! Love it!!"