My work is contemporary, expressionist, layered, a bit mysterious. The look of the ‘artist’s hand’ is apparent with the use of acrylics, collage, and various media and mediums and tools to create depth, texture, and random surprises.
Being a ‘process’ painter, I find the work can take on a life of its own evoking a feeling, a place in time, or special connections in an unassuming way.
Ultimately it is more about the viewer’s personal interpretation than my own vision. My hope is that the work inspires and resonates with others so that it becomes part of their own story.

Recent Works

Autumn is my favorite season. The colors, the shift, the sense of change and nature's process of renewal invigorate me. It comes late and in short order on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. October is still a bit balmy and warm and we're known to have air-conditioning going on Thanksgiving (even Christmas!) But that does not stop me from dreaming of fall color and cool, crisp weather. If it won't come naturally, then I just have to create it - in my own way.


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