Artist Statement

I have an affinity for nostalgia, myth, and nature conveyed in a contemporary way. Memories and shared experiences that are rooted in feelings and the subconscious informs much of my work. I believe this is why my art has been described as mysterious yet familiar.
Layers and texture are the cornerstone of my work. The look of the artist’s hand is apparent with the use of self-made stamps, stencils, and collage elements. Papers are created using mono printing and other techniques which are integrated into the paintings. This adds interest with nuanced line and pattern that is apparent even in the finer details.
Being an intuitive creator, I find the work can take on a life of its own as I respond to each element used along the way. That is what excites me most as an artist. 

How To Purchase Art

Why is there no 'shopping cart' ?

I prefer to use the Artwork Archive system of cataloging and inventory, which I embed here on my website. I like the interface and ease of use. I believe buying original art is a significant and personal investment,  and this system allows for a more hands-on feel while maintaining  a simple purchasing process.
Each piece has a PURCHASE button where you will be prompted to send me your interest through the Artwork Archive portal. At that time I can gather more info and send an invoice payable securely online through PayPal. I do not handle nor store any of your financial or personal info.
You may also use the INQUIRE feature - I'll be happy to answer your questions promptly.
Much more information is available in FAQ and Terms
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