Running from Sensible Advice

original art by melissa brane with quote
After so many years of pursuing ‘sensible’ goals I am at a place where if I do not ‘at least once run from sensible advice’ I will go mad.
I’m approaching my mid-fifties. The way I see it, if all goes well I have a loooong time to go before I’m ‘done’.  When an opportunity to do that ‘not sensible thing’ arose,  I grabbed it.

For the past decade I have worked on improving my skills and mindset around making art, and continue to do so. This was a pursuit long abandoned in my early twenties and long lamented by family and old friends.  At first it was hard to just get past the fears and validation issues – what Steven Pressfield in his book “War of Art” calls ‘resistance’.
It may have been easy to just hang it up as I did many years ago, but you just cannot hang up a calling. It will hunt you down and demand your attention sooner or later. So, I set up a whole room that is now my studio and invested in and committed to making my creative life a priority.
It has blossomed and continues to grow in ways most unexpected. It brings me joy and heartache all at once and I am so much better for it.
And I will no longer run from that. It’s the sensible thing to do.
What sensible advice have you or would you like to run from?  Or to? I’d love to hear about it !


  1. My heart pounded with excitement and then filled with such joy, love, and true moving emotion!!! Your words are beautiful and inspiring but your art is beyond that! I am so happy for you and can not wait to see more.
    love from years ago and into the future

    1. Thank you Phyllis! Your support and comment means A LOT to me. It really is a ‘big step’ putting ourselves out there, but its so worth it – bumps, bruises, and all. I truly hope you are doing ‘un-sensible’ things too and crushing it 🙂

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