Are Commissions Like This in my Future?

Well the jury is still deliberating on the title question,  but it was a healthy challenge and a lot of fun. While it is still more in 'my style' of work, it is not my usual fare.  It also  has a sentimental value to my family, which makes this more of a personal treasure.  My client is my sis-in-law who, along with my husband, was born in this area - Sidmouth, Devon, England. They spent many summers traveling back 'home'. She and the in-laws had just spent a couple weeks there when she decided she'd like a painting commemorating her trip and background. I used some personal touches specific to her in the work. Below are pictorial insights in the making of this piece. Please, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


  1. Wonderful work! So enlightening to see HOW the magic happens. Looks like an enchanting place. I would think your piece would bring peace to whatever home it was in. Your sister in law has good taste, both in vacation spots and in art. 🙂

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