Battling Resistance

I recently read an article called “20 Things Only Highly Creative People Would Understand” and it really felt like the author did understand.
Right now I am thinking about # 12 on that list, resistance.
I have read, and re-read Stephen Pressfield’s ‘War of Art’ and jokingly call it my daily devotional.  The  book focuses on all the modes of resistance we as creatives utilize to avoid what is inevitable. It is such a paradox that even with all the time and resources available, we artists will find reasons to not do what we are called to do.
It’s the craziest thing because all I think about is all the art I want to make. Mind you, once I am in the studio, I am ‘in the zone’.  It seems it’s much like going tho the gym. You just gotta get there and the rest takes care of itself.
But getting there tho…….
My primary form of resistance is feeling the need to take care of everything else under the sun and then I can go to the studio. It’s still a battle for me, but I’m working on that – and keeping my devotional near by to kick me in the pants once in awhile.
What forms of resistance do you practice? Leave a comment, I’d love to discuss or just commiserate!


  1. Hi, I just read your comment on Marie TV, (Dani Shapiro episode) and I had to find out who you are! What a pleasant surprise. You speak my language or rather, I speak yours?? In any case kindred spirits and I am an artist too. You can find me on IG under “attractedtopaint”

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