Creation vs Production

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” ~ Pablo Picasso
I am pondering how creation takes time and attention and more focus than production.

In my mind, ’production’ augers a sense of mass making and assembly lines full of people churning out bits and parts of someone else’s vision. I see ‘creation’ as just the opposite with a focus on the time honored skill and craft of an individual. Production is based on quantity in little time where creation is quality on its own time clock. 
In the studio I have to remind myself I am not ‘in production’ – I am in the creative process and that will take what ever time it takes. I get a bit frustrated when things are not coming together -as if I have a deadline, when I really do not. I remind myself to just play and create whatever, which is how the works shown above surface. They are not masterpieces by any stretch but what they accomplish is to teach me and loosen me up. (And maybe become a background in another project)
The muse finds us working but she still takes her sweet time illuminating us. When the light goes on though, how sweet it is. 

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