It’s Not That Precious

used paint tube with quote by artist melissa brauen
Ok, so that’s not the most profound thing ever said….….…..but here is the point:
We all love to collect and have all the ‘things’. Artists are no exception. Our supplies are sometimes not only hoarded but also kept as precious materials.
Confession: I still have a set of Windsor & Newton grey scale charcoals my mom bought for me decades ago because I knew they were pricey and wanted to use them for something ‘special’. It never happened.

I still get ‘blocked’ when I get all the new things:  the blank canvas, the fresh tube of paint, the new brushes. I still have a tendency to pamper them. I know that it’s a form of resistance. All that potential that is so exciting and yet so creatively crippling at the same time.
But here is the deal: progress and growth are not made by making our tools too precious or by going for perfection. Success is self determined, but I bet it will involve using and abusing all ‘the things’ while  getting stuff done and getting better at it.
I think I’m finally ready to dig those charcoals out and just…….use them! I look forward to where they will take me.
What ‘precious’ things are you hoarding that are impeding your progress? What precious tool are you going bust out and tear into next? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

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