My First (and Last?) Inktober Challenge

Every year in October artists participate in the Inktober Challenge. Each day there is a one word prompt and you are challenged to create a visual representation of that word. You are encouraged to share and tag on Instagram and it creates a sort of community around the challenge. While I am not an illustrator or pen and ink artist I thought I would stretch myself and see what I could come up with.  Cool, right? Well…….
Right out of the gate the first prompt was ‘Ring’ and I nailed it. So much so it sold! WOW! It was a very personal image for a friend who’s copper wedding anniversary was coming up. I am so pleased this particular friend has welcomed this in his home and pleased his wife liked the surprise too!
After that it all went downhill. Firstly, while I have india ink, Pitt pens of various values, and other colored pens, I found myself ‘ink challenged’.  Each prompt begged me for MY kind of creativity so being strapped to inks was very frustrating.  Secondly, I created another challenge because I was sticking to abstraction rather than a literal representation of the prompts. I shared much of it on social media for accountability.
My longing to hit the canvas eventually won out over my determination to finish this challenge. I only made it three weeks and then deleted much of it later.
Did I ‘stretch myself’ as an artist? I dunno, but here is what I learned:
  • I really really really do LOVE mixed media
  • I discovered some new things I could do with acrylic inks
  • I appreciate drawing artists more
  • I understand my own motivation for creating the way I do.
  • This challenge refreshed my creative enthusiasm.
Will I ever do this again? No, and …maybe. I like prompts. If I do it, it will be on my terms only.

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