Process Art + The Big Ass Plan = Tension

The above image has been thru several iterations and I’m still not sure where I’m going with it. The big idea was a landscape, then background for a floral, and now I’m not sure. Creatives always start with a big idea.  Many of us execute with the end result in mind, making decisions all along the way that lead us to the final outcome.  But, that does not always work for me.

As a process artist I get the big idea, and then my ‘process’ takes over and the big idea takes on a life of it’s own. What is a process artist? Basically,  it is when the artist gets something down to start a piece based on feeling and expression and then each following layer is in response to the one before.
I have finally learned that the way I create is not conducive to being attached to any outcome. My big ideas are really just sparks that either guide my work or or fade away altogether to make way for something better. I have to admit the tension between the big idea and the process can get frustrating, but it’s also is what is so exciting about my creative journey.


  1. Process artist. That explains us and how we wold come up with the finished Christmas tree projects

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