Texture and the Amateur Photographer

textured mixed media acrylic painting
The fascinating thing about a painter’s artwork is the ability to take a one dimensional object and create a multi dimensional image on it. The appearance of texture can be created using brush stokes and other techniques adding even more dimension.
Thicker paints, collage, and specially formulated mediums such as pastes and beads can enhance art works by adding physical texture.  You may see this more in contemporary pieces.
A recent comment after a customer received one of my pieces was “…the painting was better than the photo because it doesn’t show the texture.”

YAY! Better than the picture!
I LOVE texture! It is kinda my ‘thing’. So it is quite an oversight to not share images of that important detail.
My biggest challenge in this art biz venture is learning all the ancillary skills to get my art seen. This includes getting really good photographs for the web and even better images for repro prints.
I have a ‘pretty good’ set up and hope to obtain an even better camera soon. Until then I will meet this new challenge of capturing images with ‘textural’ representation.

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