‘Try’ Before You Buy

showing paining in home space to see if good fit

Preview Artwork In YOUR Space Before You Buy It

Buying art is an investment and a very personal choice.
My intent is to help you feel as comfortable as possible about your potential purchase.
If you are not sure if the artwork you are interested in is the right one for your space,  I can help you decide before you invest any time or money.
There is no charge for this service and its very easy to do: 
  • Take a picture of the space 'straight on', filling the frame with ample lighting.  (no need for special photography skills)
  • Measure an item in the picture / space for reference - a pillow, table, drawer, vase etc.
  • Email the your pix with the measurement(s) and the title of artwork(s) you are interested in to melissa@melissabrauen.com
  • I'll do a 'mock' up of the space with the art 'in situ' (in place)
  • I'll send it back to you for viewing
NOTE: Artworks shown above are: "A Thousand Voices" and "Well on the Way" respectively.
If you have any further questions about this process, or any thing at all, do not hesitate to contact me.