When Playing Yields New Ideas

Melissa Brauen Art
The most enticing part of being an artist, to me, is exploring what seems to be a never ending well of ideas. A blessing and burden all at once because we seem to have more ideas than time. I make sure to carve out time to explore and discover, and to just play.
I’ve always admired works with limited palettes and simple composition.  I also love the subtle mark making I see in some of them. Their simplicity is surprisingly difficult to achieve as I discovered in my playtime journey.
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Texture and the Amateur Photographer

textured mixed media acrylic painting
The fascinating thing about a painter’s artwork is the ability to take a one dimensional object and create a multi dimensional image on it. The appearance of texture can be created using brush stokes and other techniques adding even more dimension.
Thicker paints, collage, and specially formulated mediums such as pastes and beads can enhance art works by adding physical texture.  You may see this more in contemporary pieces.
A recent comment after a customer received one of my pieces was “…the painting was better than the photo because it doesn’t show the texture.”

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