Video, Art, and Procrastination

I started this painting a long while back and then just did not know where to go with it.

One day I just took a risk  chance, and tried something new.

Because – it’s – just – paint.

In addition I decided to try out the whole ‘video thing’ because people asked for it. It was supposed to be just a trial so, ya know, no real effort in hair or make-up on my part. But the art is the focus here. Savvy?

It turned out to be a favorite of mine, as well as a catalyst for future work.

But, I still had to learn  iMovie, and finding music I won’t get sued over,  and how to post to YouTube ……so I did what most people do.

I procrastinated.

Finally, its done – a beginning in videography that can only get better, right?

This is the life of a creative folks!

Enjoy 🙂



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