Working to Re-Work the Work

showing before and after changed made to this city scape
Once in a while a previous artwork starts to bother me. It may be because I’ve shifted in my process or maybe because it just wasn’t quite right to begin with. Either way, I feel a strong need to remedy that by making changes or letting it go ….. to the fire pile……

Lucky for me I am an acrylic painter and collage artist so ‘fixing’ an image may be a challenge, but one I can handle. It takes a bit of courage, especially when obliterating nearly half of it.

Process: I layered collage papers over the undesirable part, then glazed transparent color over that allowing the lines to come through. I added more to the topical ‘scape’ that gives the impression of buildings.


Voila’ – saved from the fire.



  1. Very cool Melissa. The downward thrust of energy from the roots pulls the piece together in a new way and empowers it. Thanks for sharing the images, these things are so hard to explain in words (for me at least), but our artist’s brains get them perfectly. Love your blog.

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